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Healthy Children

Have you noticed all the attention on obese children in the last few years? The percentages seem to be going in their favor. I don’t want my children to be left out, so I sat Evan and Ayden down to corn dogs for lunch. I then pulled out a Caesar salad in a bag for Peter and I. (I wouldn’t normally buy salad like that, but it was going to expire so I got it for $1.25.)


As soon as the boys saw the salad, they put down their corndogs and said, “I didn’t know you had that! I want that!” So, I split the salad four ways. When they were done with the salad, they dutifully went back to eating their corn dogs. 1/4 of a bag of salad didn’t fill Peter, so I pulled out the Romaine to make some more. Would you believe they put their corn dogs down again?! They didn’t bother with the dressing, croûtons, and cheese this time. They are just eating the leaves off a head of romaine. I have a feeling the rest of their corn dogs are forgotten for good. I guess if I was dedicated to the cause (obese children), I would go make them ‘clean their plate.’

No, seriously, I am so glad my children enjoy eating healthy food. I just hope my corn dogs and I don’t ruin it!

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Seeing My Children


Have you ever had a child wake up with a new look? It seems to happen every few months. One of our children will wake up and Peter or I will say, “His face has changed.” Aaron has an earache, so I was lying beside him to make certain he was asleep before I slipped away and I started to look at him. No, I mean really look at him. To notice how long his eyelashes are, how clear his skin is, and how rosy his cheeks are tonight. Children are beautiful aren’t they? How often do I notice that? Do my children just seem to change overnight because I haven’t really been seeing them?

It seems to be the same with behavior issues. Suddenly, one of the boys is “acting out”: picking on his brothers, not listening when Mommy and Daddy talk, doing things he KNOWS he’s not supposed to do. Does it really happen suddenly, or have I just not been “seeing” him?

Evan and I started something when he was 2 or 3. One of us would get right in the other one’s face, nose to nose and forehead to forehead, and then say, “You have beautiful eyes!” Even if we did it 15 times in a row, he loved it and would giggle for all he was worth. When we did, no-one else existed. I wonder what he will do if tomorrow morning I try that? Here’s my guess, He’ll laugh, just like he used to, and then Ayden and Aaron will jump in, if they see it and want to have a turn. Not just because it’s funny, but because Mommy is seeing them. When you are that close to someone, you can’t see anyone else.

Thinking about the parent/child relationship often makes me think of my relationship with my heavenly Father. How do I get nose to nose, forehead to forehead with Him? How do I get so close that I don’t see anything or anyone else? It seems like even when I sit down to have time just for Him, I can’t keep my thoughts from wandering. I guess that’s what the Bible means when it says to “shut the door.” Do any of you have this problem? How do you “shut the door.?”

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More Pictures

For family far away, especially Aunt Toni-Marie, here are some more pictures.

The is the first time the boys saw Eleora. Just 1 hour old. They certainly were enamored. Aaron refused to leave her side and the older boys kept asking for more turns holding her. I’m so glad the midwife grabbed the camera and captured this.


These were taken when she was 10 days old.


Do you think he’s happy with her?


Wednesday was probably our last warm fall day. It was beautiful!




A stray cat had kittens in our neighbors garage. This one went to live with a family from church. Aaron sure misses it. They were nice to have around, but we aren’t ready to take on the responsibility of another animal. The momma and one kitten are still here. Any takers?

I’ll post more recent pics of Eleora soon.






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The Newest Casalino

Eleora at 8 days old

Eleora at 8 days old.

Eleora Rose was born on October 8, 2007. Eleora is Hebrew for “The Lord is my light.” Her daddy delivered her at home, 30 minutes before the midwife arrived. It’s ok, this is the second time he has been called on for that duty 🙂

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Our first post

So, Peter has been after me to start a blog. I finally agreed with the condition that it be “ours” and not “mine”. That way I can hold him responsible if I say something I shouldn’t! I enjoy reading homemaker blogs, they always seem to have it so much more together than I do, and I really don’t have anything to say that hasn’t already been said. However, that doesn’t usually keep me quiet. So, we’ll give this a try. If you don’t already know us…

We are the Casalino’s. Alicia is the casalinga (homemaker) in our casalingo (simple) casali (farmhouse). Casalingo can also mean homemade, so we are considering adding a ‘g’ to our last name because we LOVE things that are homemade, simple, etc… On the other hand, Casalino means ‘small farmhouse’ and we like that pretty well too. We, Peter and Alicia, met while attending Penn View Bible Institute. We married in 2000 and have four children. Evan (5), Ayden (3), Aaron (1), and Eleora (born October 2007). We have 1 dog, 1 lizard, 2 fish, 2 chickens, and 1 cat on 1/2 acre in the city of Indianapolis. We are very home focused.  Peter runs a home based graphic design business, we are homeschooling although quite informally, we even have our babies at home now! Therefore, most of our blog will probably be about home, or things that directly affect the home. (Come to think of it, what doesn’t affect the home?)

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