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Christmas comings and goings


So, we finally got the tree decorated, as you can see. The hazy look in this picture is all the smoke in the house because of the Christmas candy that fell into my oven and burned. Isn’t the smell of burning sugar AWFUL?

I love the look on Aaron’s face in this next picture. I knew it was too quiet in the other room, and sure enough I found him sneaking a candy cane off the tree. What can a mother do, except take a picture? Oh, and then take the cellophane off the candy cane.


Another thing we did this week was make Cinnamon Christmas ornaments. After worrying that they wouldn’t be dry soon enough, and where to keep them safe, we remembered we have a dehydrator! Duh! So, here they are on the dehydrator trays.


One of our other family adventures this week was Evan’s trip to the dentist. He has had his teeth cleaned several times, but this time he had to have two tiny cavities filled. They were so small, the dentist didn’t even numb him. Peter stayed with him the entire time and the dentist said he was the best patient she had had all day!


Our church Christmas party was Wednesday. And you’ll soon be able to see some video at www.cbwconline.com. Something happened to the microphone, but you can just imagine how loud it was!

Today we paid a visit to the Capitol Building downtown to hear the Union Bible College Choir sing . In spite the fact that their keyboard quit and they had to sing all their songs with a soundtrack, they did a great job. We thought the singing was from 11:00-12:00, but it didn’t start until 12:00, so we were able to tour the building and talk to the boys about how our laws are made. As basic as their understanding may be, they were really interested. The Capitol Building is BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately, I forgot about taking pictures when we were in the Senate and House Galleries. Here are a couple though. Have you ever seen such a fancy phone booth? It even had its own light, and an exhaust fan. Peter said the fan was probably more for privacy than anything.



I’ll close with this last picture. The other morning I was in the kitchen when I heard a noise in the bedroom. When I checked, this is how I found Aaron and Eleora, pacifier to pacifier, both fast asleep.



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You asked (Jon Earls), we answered! Here is another video blog. Comment with a subject you would like discussed by Me@ My Screen.

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My New Webcam!

I now have a webcam. It is supposed to be a Christmas gift, but I am just trying it out. As you can see, I was playing with it a little. So fun!!! I am more of a visual person than Alicia. SOOOOOOO, my posts will mostly be video post.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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Snow and Socks

We have our first snowfall of the season! While we have seen flurries in the past few weeks, the ground is now covered! The boys were soooo excited.



So, while Peter did get the tree put up last night, it is still bare because the time we would have spent on that was spent outside. Hopefully we can get it decorated tomorrow.

Day Three’s Do Something was laundry. Before Eleora was born, the house wasn’t that bad, EXCEPT for laundry. Since then, I just haven’t been able to get a handle on it even though my sweet sister came over and helped me fold clothes the week after Eleora’s birth. My Mt. Washmore was growing and growing. I knew there was no way possible that I would be able to “have all my laundry finished, folded, and put away” today, so I focused on the piles of clean laundry. Would you believe I put away 67 pairs of socks today? And there is still quite a pile waiting for their mates. Getting the clothes washed usually isn’t a problem for me, it’s getting them put away. I still need to sort and put away some of Eleora’s clothes, but other than that, things are looking great! Now if tomorrow I put away what I wash, we’ll be getting somewhere!


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A Haven

I have been inspired by Crystal at Biblical Womanhood with this challenge to make our home a haven. I know from some of her other posts that Crystal is a flybaby (a person who follows Flylady’s babysteps to a clean and organized home). Once upon a time, I too was a flybaby. Evan was five months old when my cousin told me about Flylady. I was most definitely suffering from CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). Once I started following Flylady’s babysteps, we saw immediate changes. Somehow though, I continue to fall back into CHAOS. Crystal’s challenge and Anna’s post were just what I needed.

I was all set to get started bright and early this morning. At 7:30 I was nursing Eleora and planning my day. She would go back to sleep and I would get up and have my day started before 8:00. For some reason, she didn’t go back to sleep like I thought she would and in my trying to get her to sleep, I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, it was 10:00, my sweet husband had already fed the older boys breakfast, and gone were my plans for the day. When I don’t get up before the boys, it feels like I play catchup all day. At first, I was discouraged, but then I remembered that Flylady says “You are never behind. Don’t try to catch up, just jump in where you are.” So, that’s what I did. Well sorta, I did try to catch up a little since we had been at my in-laws on Monday.

I started on Day One even though that was yesterday. We almost never use our front door, so when people enter our house, they come into the kitchen. The cabinet there tends to collect things. The top of our dehydrator is constantly covered with mail, things that were brought in from the car, things that need to go to the car, etc… I decided to tackle that today. I really should have taken a before picture, but I was too ashamed. Here’s the end result.



The boys and I also tackled Day Two and got the living room ready to be decorated for Christmas. Peter and I are planning on putting up the tree after the boys are in bed and then we can all decorate it tomorrow.

Peter hung the icicle lights on the house today, it looks great. Mom and Dad Casalino gave us their lights and there were enough to go down the fence too!


Speaking of making our home a haven. I know that with four children five and under, my home will ALWAYS look lived in. There is no way around that. Even when all the children are gone, and it’s just two old people living here, I don’t want my home to feel like a museum. I don’t think I need to worry about that too much though. Somewhere between museum and landfill I hope to find a balance that will be a haven.

Today Peter let the boys bring in a kitten that has adopted us. After they let it go, it stayed right by the door. Evan told me that was because the kitten thought it was “lovely in here.” I asked him if he thought it was “lovely in here” too and he said yes. That was BEFORE I cleaned the counter and the living room. I sure love that kid!

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