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Wow, it seems we were just there, but duty called, so down we went again. Wouldn’t you know, it was the coldest day yet of the ’07-’08 winter! Thankfully, we found a spot and parked almost as close as possible and at a meter, so we didn’t have to pay those horrible garage fees.
The rally to support our midwives was supposed to last until 1:30, but when we arrived at 12:00, things had already wrapped up and the representatives were out to lunch. We were able to see some friends and then the boys were thrilled because we took them through the tunnel to Circle Center Mall. They begged to go through one last time, but we didn’t have time. CCM has a beautiful Arts Garden where local musicians play. We spent some time listening to this guy while we waited for the Representatives to return to session.

Isn’t that an amazing instrument? He was very talented. We made it back through the tunnel to the statehouse and were able to meet with our State Representative. Evan and Ayden did a great job shaking hands and talking to him. On the way out a photographer took a bunch of pictures of us for the IndyStar, but the story on the rally didn’t end up making the paper because the House got the Property Tax reform through that day. We tried to tell the boys that what they were talking about on the radio is what those men behind the glass were doing while we were there, but I’m not sure they understand much of that at 3 and 5.

Eleora with the “Born at Home” sticker Peter made her.
The next day, we went to a Roller Skating rink with some other homeschool families. It was the first time any of the boys had been. They really took to it and decided they wanted to live there.


We just got a “new” camera and are still learning to use it. Considering how dark the rink was, I think these turned out pretty well.


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Just a note to let you know we will be posting more soon. We have been busy with holidays, design jobs, and family pictures. Here is a picture from our photo shoot!          Talk to you soon.


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