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Just wanted to let you know, I had the date wrong. This offer is good until May 15th!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Has anyone else heard of Revolution Money Exchange? It appears to be a free alternative to PayPal. The main difference I see is that you can only accept payments from other members of Revolution Money Exchange. Until May 15th they are running a promotional to get people to sign up. If you sign up, they will give you $25.00! Yep, that’s it. You can have it transfered to your bank account for free, or they will send you a check for $22.50 (the other $2.50 pays the check request fee). You can also participate in their referral program and receive $10.00 for everyone who signs up through your invitation. (Up to $500) So here’s my invitation! To sign up click here. For more information, visit Crystal’s post and the comments with it. Don’t wait too long if this is something you are interested in, the offer is only good until May 15th.


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We are soooo glad warm weather is finally here. Yes, I know, it might snow this weekend. Why are we like that? The last few days have been absolutely perfect! On Sunday, my dad said that every, yes every, person to whom he said, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?”, said, “Yes, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.” Well, it may storm tonight and snow Sunday, but after all, it is April, and these April showers are bringing May flowers right? Speaking of flowers, look what I have in my yard.

I am on my way to a daffodil bed like my mom has.

We are moving our garden this year. Well, actually Peter has done all the work so far. He tills, puts up fences, builds trellises, etc… and then I get to do the planting. Our former garden spot doesn’t get enough sun once the leaves are on the trees. Yes, we tried trimming the tree…let’s just say 212 people, along with Indianapolis Power and Light, appreciate our decision to move the garden instead of taking any more limbs down. Anyway, there’s nothing boys love more than fresh dirt.

Just trying it out.

I think this one should have been named Pigpen. It’s like he tries to see how dirty he can get.

Like the rest of us, Eleora is happy it’s spring!

Well, this last picture is something I never thought I would see. We left the supper mess for later and headed back outside after the meal to make the most of the daylight that was left. After all dried rice is much easier to sweep up than that sticky wet stuff. The screen door was left open and when I walked back inside, I found this….

This city girl may have come a long way, but…well, I’ll be more careful to shut the screen door from now on.

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Wow, when I started this blog, I never dreamed I would find it so challenging to keep up with it. I am always thinking, I should put this on the blog, but then finding time to sit down and do it is another thing. Usually when I do find time to sit at the computer, it is while I am nursing Eleora, so I end up reading, but not typing. Right now she is on my lap and is trying to help me type and kicking the keyboard tray. Here are a few pictures from Easter.

I made the rolls for Easter at my parents’ house and left them on the counter. Peter was sweet enough to run home and get them, so we didn’t manage to get a family picture. Aaron had fallen asleep in the car and was quite a grump, so I felt lucky to get these done before we changed their clothes for dinner.

Ayden spent most of his time finding eggs for everyone else. “This is little, it’s for Aaron.” “I have two blue ones, so I’ll give this to Evan.” “This egg has flowers on it for you, Mommy.” When he found two green eggs on the gate to the creek, he saved one for Evan to find.

Aaron tried a couple different angles before he managed to get this egg.

Hope you had a great Easter too!

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