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Now we know…

…I am not a blogger. I should have known that about myself, I have always been horrible about keeping up with penpals, diaries or any other writing on a consistent basis. So who knows when I’ll blog again, but here’s one for today.

The past year has flown by, and now Eleora is a year old. Here are a couple pictures of her birthday party.


eleorabd4"I think I've had enough."

I think I’ve had enough.

Aaron is great at catching insects. I’m so glad Peter was there with the camera to capture this.



And here are some pictures from yesterday. We tried to make good use of what we thought was going to be our last beautiful day of Indian Summer, but here we are with another one today. I am very thankful. This is a wonderful way to spend November.


I came inside to take the pictures off the memory card, and while I was busy, Eleora and Aaron disappeared. This is where we found them.

doghousedoghouse11They were FILTHY!

Last but definitely not least there is a new little Casalino! If I get started there will be no stopping posting adorable pictures of Vincent Andrew, but since I have already been working on this post for WAY too long, I’ll limit myself to two.


“My first baby cousin!”


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