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Rainy Camp Out!

The boys and I (Peter) slept out in our back yard in a tent. We ate snacks and had a good time talking. Aaron needed mommy at about 3 am though. One of the things we wanted to accomplish while we were out there was to see what was eating the plants in our garden. We never did see anything.
Well, rain started at 8am. Light rain though. But once the heavy rain started the tent started to leak. We gathered our things into a sleeping bag and went into the house. Here is a video of some of the fun we were having.

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Hi! Just seeing if everything is working right so we can update our blog via our cell phones. Later!

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Here is a picture of the “harvest” we gathered from our strawberry patch.


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Here are some pictures from the party.

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We are having another baby! And, It’s a GIRL! That makes 3 boys & 2 girls. OK, now you know.

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My dad, my brother & I did some work on my shed/greenhouse. Part of the work included adding exterior trim. I figured this would be a great opportunity to teach the boys how to paint. They were naturals!

The boys really did do a good job. Once Aaron was done painting the trim, he decided to paint his arms. He looked like he was wearing green gloves. Nothing a little hose water couldn’t fix.

We hope to use the shed as a year-round greenhouse. Once I insulate the walls & ceiling and set up some lights, we will be in business.

We are raising free range chickens again. The last few we had were killed by stray dogs. Since then, my cousin Rocco and I put up the rest of the fence around our yard. Now, the yard is completely enclosed.  We have two groups of chickens. The first group is 6 weeks old and the other is 8 weeks old. There are 11 total. I’m looking forward to farm fresh eggs again.

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Well, this time Ayden found a baby bird. The bird was in the children’s 10″ deep pool. Once we dried the baby bird off by putting it in our tent, we let it go in the back yard. It soon was reunited with it’s parents.

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