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Here are a few pictures of the Jesse tree we made.


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An update, Enjoy!

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Happy Half Acre!

Here at Happy Half Acre, we are dedicated to growing quality produce while nurturing a healthy family environment. No, really, we are trying a new twist on our gardening methods, Four Season Gardening. We are using low tunnels to “over winter” our crops. By using low tunnels, we can gain 8-12 degrees and reduce the amount of evaporation as well. These conditions are good for growing cold tolerant crops (spinach, kale, greens, lettuce, etc…) By having this “extra” growing season, we hope to sell out-of-season produce from a farm stand in our front yard. Our lot is 1/2 an acre so we decided to call our small farm Happy Half Acre. Here are some picture of us seeding our first low tunnel. There is also a layout of the plants growing in it.

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